A Bike That Folds to the Size of an Umbrella

Posted by July 13, 2014 - Design
Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 14.49.37

This is too cool, and a must have for any guy on the go: its a bike that can fold to the size of an umbrella! The best part about this though? It still looks cool. You won’t look like a goof on your bike that looks like a toy with tiny wheels. Designer Gianluca Sada introduced the Sada Bike to address this issues and present his innovative idea for a stylish bike that can go anywhere. It has all the proportions of a regular bike and a spokeless wheel. But the practicality of it is still in question because regular bikes get their power from the tension in the spokes while this bike puts all the pressure on the rims, which can cause problems. For that reason it is still in the prototype phase, but I really hope it will hit the market soon!






Via dzinetrip.com