8 Tips That Make You Feel Like You’re In High-Heel Heaven

Posted by August 8, 2014 - We L@VE Shoes

It’s no secret that we are willing to put up with pain, if the pay-off means that we look good. This is especially true when it comes to heels. They make us women feel sexy, confident and empowered to take on the world- but they can have the opposite impression if your feet hurt too badly to walk in. These tips will make your feet feel better than they ever have in heels so that you will never want to take them off.


Lazzarini – via HUMANIC.NET €69,95

Make sure the shoes fit you properly- that means no lying to yourself ladies! If the shoes don’t fit right and are so big that you are slipping out, they are going to cause you massive discomfort and if they are too tight this means blisters! If they don’t fit you shouldn’t but them regardless of how cute they are or if they are on super sale and the last size available. Because what’s the point of a shoe that you can’t wear? As they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea.


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Moleskin is a miracle against blisters! Simply cut some out and stick it the points on your feet that rub against your shoe the most, like the outside of the big toe or the heel. This will cause the shoe to create friction with the moleskin pad instead of with your foot. And just like that, you are saved from days of discomfort with annoying blisters! If you do unfortunately already have a blister, moleskin will protect it from tearing open the next time you wear shoes.


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Gel insoles can make a world of difference. They will help alleviate pressure on the ball of your feel and give you more comfortable arch support. They can make your feet more comfortable than if you were wearing flats! They are also interchangeable between shoes so one good pair will take you a long way.


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Go ahead and stretch out your shoes so that they are not too tight. At the end of the day your feet swell up naturally so what you though was your shoe size might feel too small. Shoe shopping at the end of the day is the best way to get the most accurate size, but if you have shoes that are already a bit too tight and you fear that they will give you blisters the second you put them on, you can invest in a simple shoe stretcher. It will make your shoes feel like a new pair!


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This means that you don’t have to wear your heels every day. Give your feet a day off after wearing them, it will help you recover and make you feel a lot better. Wearing heels too often can make you feel worn out all over, which is never a good look.


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Ties and straps will prevent your feet from slipping out therefore reducing friction on your feet. It will help your overall walk and prevent you from dragging your feet so that you don’t come out of your shoes. Adjustable straps are also good because they can accommodate for swelling throughout the day, which gives you one less thing to worry about.


Lazzarini – via HUMANIC.NET  €69,95

Walking in heels is different than taking a stroll in sneakers so you have to adjust they way you walk. Keep your neck and spine as straight as possible- as if you were being pulled up by a string, and walk using your hips to shift your weight from one leg to the other. You walk should look like a light bounce rather than a tired shuffle. Walking correctly will make you be comfortable and look confident all day long.


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After a long day in heels be sure to treat your feet right. They have taken a beaten all day in the name of beauty. Cold water will help with swelling and taking the pressure off of your feet will make you feel so much better. So slip into some comfy slippers and be sure to get plenty of rest so the next day you don’t feel a high-heel hangover.


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