7 Things You Should Totally Do Before The End Of The Year

Posted by December 6, 2016 - How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE

Well, 2016… it is your last round. We are only twenty something days away from 2017. Is this not exciting to you? It is definitely to us, we get super excited when jumping into the new year and we love making a list of the things we should do to enter it with a clear mind and organized life. Now is the time to do all those tiny things that you were “too busy to do” during the year. Usually those things are tiny things that we simply cannot be bothered to do, like unsubscribing to all those unnecessary emails you subscribed to when you thought it was actually important information. So find yourself a pen and paper and lets start listing!

1. First of all, if you are one of those who literally subscribes to any slightly interesting page wondering around the internet (like us!), it is now the time to unsubscribe. Yes, no matter how many email you have to go through, if you unsubscribe to 1-3 useless subscriptions a day, you should be done by the 31st of this month. Wahoo. The only useful subscription you should be receiving is Humanic – Ha, cheeky us.

2. Once your inbox is clean and renewed again it is time for you to turn your head around and very seriously consider doing a paper, documents and taxes clean-up. Stand in front of your desk and start throwing away old receipts, old magazines that are not relevant anymore and any other piece of paper that is only taking up space. Then organize your taxes and rearrange your documents and file them in the document folder again.

3. Look for those recipes that you have had in your browser bookmark for over five months now and print them off. Grab your coat and head down to your closest store and get yourself the ingredients and a good bottle of wine. Now…time to cook. What a relieve huh – You can finally delete the bookmark!


4. Now that the dinner is ready, give that friend that you haven’t seen in a long while a call and invite her/him/them to enjoy your awesome recipe. There is nothing like a good bottle of wine with good old friends (and a five month old recipe of course..!). If not, go grab yourself a coffee with them, it will be as fun as your homemade dish.

5. Clothes, clothes and more clothes. December is the time of re-organizing. So lets get rid of all those garments you haven’t used in more than half a year. After that, re-arrange your closet. Make sure it is clear for you and that you enjoy looking at it every morning. The prettier the better!

6. Now that your head is organized and clean-up, it is time to sit in front of your computer and book yourself a weekend getaway for the months of February or March. The winter is long and that getaway will help you go through the winter, plus; if you book it now it will sure be very cheap!

7. Last but not least, time to congratulate yourself on how good of a year you have had and be grateful. It doesn’t matter if you only managed half of your annual bucket list, you are cool like you are and you should be proud of the half bucket list you managed to do.

Now you are ready…Roll on 2017!

Pictures via Pinterest