7 Chic Ways To Spend It On A Payday

Posted by July 29, 2016 - Austria, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE

It is not only Friday, we are also close to payday (Yeih!) and we cannot help getting the “I am rich feeling” we get by the end of the month. Do not lie to yourself, YOU GET THE FEELING TOO!

We spend the whole month wishing for this day to come and planning what we would like to get and what could be better than shoes and clothes?

So enough talking (or writing, ha!) there are so many different ways to spend it on a payday that we wanted to find the best ideas and products for you to be able to go crazy during your “rich” weekend.


1. Puma Smach L Wns

Earlier this month we woke up to see the youngest of the Kardashians standing for a huge 60s throwback on the streets of New York. She is now the face of Suedes Campaign for Puma and we love it. This would be a great way to invest part of your pay check. These Puma stand for older generations but they look too cool not to have a pair, don’t you think?

I want these Puma Sneakers!


2. Rooftop Time

Book yourself a VIP table on the best Rooftop of your city and ENJOY IT. This is definitely a once in a life time thing to do. Call your best friends and let them know what you are planning to do, they would be totally up for it. Make sure your outfit matches your occasion, if in doubt, check our style recommendations!

Here are the best rooftops in Vienna and rest of main European capitals.



3. Birkenstock Arizona

These guys are always innovating and captivating us with new designs and styles of their forever lasting Birkenstock. These are definitely a very good buy and best news of all is that you have the rest of the summer to show them off to the world. We think the touch of colour is extremely cool.

I want these Birkenstocks! 


4. Zara Embroidered Poplin Shirt

This shirt totally reminds us of of the Gucci Embroidered jacket we had a lot at some posts ago. This shirt would be a total highlight in our fall wardrobe. Perfect with some ripped light blue jeans and some cool loafers. Sounds appealing right?

I want this Shirt!


5. Treat Yourself To A Beauty Treatment

Our self-esteem automatically rises when we get a new hair cut for instance, our nails styled or even our make up done professionally. So why not treat yourself to one of these on your pay day? There are Beauty Bars in many cities around Europe, call them and arrange an appointment, you will not regret it!







6. Michael Kors Bag

It is the time for you to spend your good earned money in a beautiful Michael Kors shopper bag. It will look stunning with your fall and winter outfits. Michael designs for us bags that are very usable and practical and the best of all is that they looking stunning. This could be your new baby for the season so we suggest not to think about it too much and just buying it!

I want this bag!


7. Random Getaway

The title by itself already sounds great, random getaway or unknown destination trip. Yes! If you had a tough month or week go crazy and book a flight to Oslo or Toscana, which ever sounds cooler to you. You can fly back on Sunday night, fresh like a lettuce and ready to rock and roll at the office.

You are welcome!

Check our flying outfits or our getaway proposals.


Pictures via ny.curbed, Pinterest