7 Best Ways to Wear Over the Knee Socks

Posted by July 21, 2014 - Fashion
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Over the knee socks are really cool, but they are quite tricky, you have to check careful in front of a mirror before go out. It’s all about proportions; the shape of your legs, mini skirts (maybe not too mini), flats or heels… So, we have some looks here to inspire you on how to wear knee socks.

1. 60’s Chic

Pair the socks with a short flowy 60’s inspired dress, flat laced shoes, a small bag, eyecat makeup.

elle-60's chic

2. The School Girl Look

Plaid dress, long gray coat and hat is the coolest uniform ever. Her socks are really long, showing just little skin. The bag in brown leather remembers an old school briefcase…perfect!

chicisimo.com-school girl look

3. Classic 

Tailored coat, pure white shirt  just perfect combination between a little bit masculine look and the super sexy socks.

margaret howell-classic

4. Leather

If Alexa Chung wears it, so do you. Here she is perfect rock and roll with a black leather jacket and rubber boots.

alexa chung-.leatherjpg

5. Feminine 

Everything in this look is light and feminine; volant dress, sandals,  socks in the same color of the pullover…and what a hair!

vogue.co.uk-classic girly

6. Over tights

For days that a bit more brisk for exposed legs you can still look stylish by pairing them with tights. She is perfect!

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 7. Girly

Pair a nice and colorful socks with tennis shoes, a mini skirt jeans, long pullover, and have fun.

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Now you have all the knowledge you need to wear these socks right!