6 Ways To Style Shorts This Summer

Posted by July 15, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Trends

We all have AT LEAST one pair of shorts in our summer wardrobe. A denim short is not only a very basic piece to have, but also one of the most comfortable ones. We believe it is a basic piece to have because it can be styled into different styles and ways.

It all started in the 70s thanks to Dukes of Hazzard who appeared in a pair of striking short denims, after that it all got out of control and everybody started wearing denim shorts in all types and forms.

Here are the different ways in which we believe a pair of denim shorts could be styled.


Shorts and Blazer

A blazer is clearly a more adult and professional garment to have and therefore it makes a pair of shorts look elegantly casual too.

Perfect for…Some late night drinks in an underground jazz bar in the city.


Shorts and Oversized Shirts

This style may also look more neat and classic and the fact that it is being combined with a shirt, gives it more elegance and makes it a more of a city-look.

Perfect for…An early and relaxed Saturday breakfast in the big city.


Shorts and Stripes

A basic T-shirt with stripes combined with a pair of ripped denim shorts has a blend of both city and beach outfits. This from our point of view, is a super comfortable and easy-to-wear look.

Perfect for…A summer shopping afternoon at the mall.



Shorts and Graphics

Shorts styled with a graphic T-shirt may look more casual, in fact we believe it looks casually awesome. It is a very millennial look and we LOVE IT (hence our age right there!).

Perfect for…A walk or skate session by the beach promenade while the sun sets.


Shorts and Denim

This style we have to admit, should be worn with care and tactfully, since it is a risky choice and could easily turn into a fashion crime in less than you think. The good news is that if you follow these inspirations it could only be a fashion victory.

Perfect for…A summer lunch in a nice terrace with the friend you haven’t seen in FOREVER.


Shorts and Crochet

Crochet usually reminds us of those pieces your grandma used to knit for you when you were younger and never knew what to do with it. Well you are lucky now if you still have it stuck in your wardrobe because you felt to bad giving it away. Crochet offers the chicest boho and romantic summer look.

Perfect for…A day at the beach. Just perfect!



Pictures via Shopstyle, Pinterest, We Hear It.