6 ways to style your HUMANIC shoes

Posted by March 16, 2016 - Things We L@VE
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After Paris Fashion Week’s craziness, I had to take some time for myself to organize my closet and check which items are the ones I will be wearing this season and which ones I will throw into the recycle bin for used clothing which is at the corner of my neighborhood. Since the weather hasn’t been the best after I returned from Paris, I decided to stay indoors and create six different outfits, matching them with my favorite black sling back shoes from Humanic. Matching one piece of clothing with another is my favorite pastime and those outfits could hopefully be a kind of inspiration for you all. 

My questions for you would be the following: Are you in the mood for spring and tired of your winter wardrobe? Looking forward to getting rid of your heavy black winter coat as much as I am? Can’t wait to bask in the sun wearing your sling back shoes without socks? If yes, then come with me:    

1. The skinny jeans outfit 

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The outfit reminds me a lot of my sunny days in Miami. Although I love the crop top, I am not sure if I would wear it in Vienna because here the style is a little bit more conservative but… never say never!  

2. The polka dot outfit 

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Whimsical and vintage inspired, the polka dot legging adds a playful feeling to your outfit. I would wear it for a catch up with my girlfriends.  

3. The camel jacket outfit

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Just perfect for a road trip and an adventurous weekend escape accompanied by a good company.  

4. The mini skirt outfit

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I love mini skirts but I don’t wear them with high heels. The sling back shoes will add an elegant touch to the whole outfit, without looking vulgar or offensive. 

5. The floral dress outfit

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Colorful printing on black fabric has always attracted my attention and it will hopefully attract the attention of the ones around you. That dress goes definitely with the motto “Add some color to your life”  

6. The cross front halter neck midi dress outfit 

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Because this outfit is sleek, smart and sophisticated, it will make you look and feel confident. You will wear it at semi-formal occasions such as afternoon tea, on the first date or for some Friday night’s after work cocktails.   

By: The Viennese Girl