6 Style Tips For Guys This Christmas

Posted by December 11, 2014 - LIFESTYLE

Holiday parties are upon us, it’s time to see those you haven’t seen all year – and the most important part of all this is to make sure you look good. Holidays are a fun time to celebrate and be close to your family and loved ones. When you take out the stress of what to wear… it is the most wonderful time of the year!  So we have the best tips to help you dress to impress.

1. Layer


Layering can be key to any winter look but done right and can be a perfect mix of sophisticated and cool (literally, it will prevent you from overheating). We suggest layering cotton with wool pieces to create a comfortable look this season.

2. Invest in an Overcoat


The importance of an overcoat is often overlooked but has this ever happened to you, you spend so much time planning out your outfit, nice freshly ironed shirt, polished shoes, new tie… and to be ruined with a bright red puffer jacket. This can be avoided with a nice overcoat.

3. Wear a Jacket


Most holiday parties don’t require you to dress up completely- but it doesn’t mean that you can just show up in whatever. It is nice to look good and suits and a suit jacket will do you wonders. It is universally flattering and will bring up the elegance level a notch.

4. Avoid the Seasonal Items

It may seem tempting but seasonal items like socks and ties are almost always tacky. So resist the urge for these impulse buys and keep it classy.

5. Opt for Dark Trousers or Jeans


A darker wash of jeans and trousers and you will instantly look fancier, not to mention is you spill any holiday drinks on them, the we spot will not show up nearly as noticeable as it does on lighter shades.

6. Choose the Right Pair of Shoes


Parties are all about being on your feet. Making your way around the room to greet relatives you didn’t even know you had. That’s why choosing the right shoe is very important because it will cradle your feet. We found this pair on HUMANIC.