6 Items That Will Complete Your Rainy Day – Proof Collection

Posted by October 12, 2016 - Fashion, How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE
rain proof

Oh October, you just love making it rain don’t you? There is not really much we can do about a rainy day, other than looking absolutely fabulous in our best rainy outfit. You do not have one yet? No worries, we have put together a quick guide on rainy must-haves for you to rain-proof your wardrobe. We are based in Vienna, not the rainiest city of all, but definitely more than in south Italy and we have learnt to rain-proof our basic buys. For instance; when buying a pair of booties that you are planning to use very often, make sure they are splash-proof. If you are planning on using your trench coat during this fall, make sure it is either water resistant or that you have an umbrella with you at all times. However; there are many other water resistant items that you can add to your rain-proof section of your closet.

Rainy days can be slightly inconvenient. They may cause you to be cold, wet, late to work and many other situations, so it is important that you prepare yourself for every occasion and look pretty at the same time. For rainy days, we recommend comfort and water-resistance and Humanic has some very pretty items that meet these two requirements. These awesome Hunter boots for example or these casual Gant Mandy short boots. If you think a good pair of wellies would cause too much of a sensation at your office, you could try these splash-proof boots from Gamloong or these other ankle boots from Funky Shoes.

As we said before, we have put together a very quick guide of things that you could very easily introduce into your personal rainy collection and here are what we believe are the most important ones.

Rain Boots rain_double2



Cropped Trousers




Splash-proof Boots 





And here are our favorite rain gears from Humanic:





HUNTER Wellies





HUNTER Rain Boots


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