6 Easy Ways To Appear Like The Perfect Guy

Posted by August 11, 2014 - LIFESTYLE

Even if you don’t have a dreamy career like a fireman or doctor, that doesn’t mean you can’t still impress the ladies! It isn’t difficult to appear to be the perfect catch. These are a few key secrets to win the heart of any woman.

1. Get A Dog

If you cannot commit to adopting a dog, you can always borrow one from a friend and take it to the park for the day. Women love cute things, and when she sees you playing with a pooch by association you will also appear cuter and more appealing.

2. Know About Wine

You do not have to be a connoisseur to know basic pairings to impress a woman. If you are planning a home cooked meal quickly look up what kind of wine will complement the flavors, and easy way for her to think you are more cultured.

3. Act Like A Gentleman

Offer you coat when she is cold and have manners. If you want her to think you are a true gentleman you have to treat her like a lady! A bit of courtesy goes a long way. You should always complement her, a bad personality is always a turn off

4. Dress Well

Good shoes are a must when it comes to winning over a women’s heart. It really is the first thing they look at. Pair your shoes with a dark wash jean and a button-up shirt and she is sure to be swooning. For a great selection of men’s shoes check out Humanic.net

5. Put Effort Into What Your Apartment Looks Like

Be sure to clean before inviting a woman over. Women have seen some pretty dirt apartments over the year so she is bond to be swooning when she doesn’t see any mold in your shower or the fact that you have a few pictures hanging on the wall. It is a major plus!

6. Be Good With Kids

If you have any nieces or nephews be sure she can see cute photos of you together, it may just be an evolutionary trait but she will love it. A guy who is good with kids is definitely a keeper!