5 Work Situations – 5 Looks: How to Dress For YOUR 9 to 5!

Posted by September 13, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes
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Getting dressed for the office is a whole fashion art that should sometimes be considered an Olympic sport. We should have in mind requirements, protocol facts, elegance, creativity and our own personality all at the same time and put them together into a perfect looking professional outfit. Some weeks ago we offered you some very chic and cool summer office outfits and some after office looks too, this time we will put together some looks for different office or work situations that will help you get inspired for your next day at the office.

It always important to remember who you are and what you like, transmit that into fashion and apply it to your outfits every morning. If you wake up and feel uninspired to put a look together, do the following; drag yourself out of bed, refresh, make coffee/tee, serve as liked and take it to your area of creation, your closet. When you are standing in front of all your possible outfits, looks and combination, drink a sip and breath calmly, now you are ready to create. If those tricks still don’t work, we got your back (as always). Here are five different office looks for five different professional occasion that will save you from this morning dramatic scene.

Chic Monday Power

Monday is a powerful day of the week and women ARE the power behind it (okey, and some men too…). Monday is a day full of energy and that should be reflected on your chosen outfit. Here is our interpretation of a Chic Monday Power look.get the look_Monday

1. Carolina Herrera Red Earrings 2. Michael Kors Cross Over Bag 3. Michael Kors Callahan Loafers 4. Mango Red Sleeves Dress 

Casual Lunch with Clients

Usually a meeting with clients might be the chance of some new opportunity, so it is essential to be ready for the occasion. Here is a look that will never let you down in one of these meetings. It is important to remember that it is all about the first impressions.get the look_lunch

1. Stella Mc Cartney Round Sunglasses 2. Lazzarini Black Clucth 3. Alisha Black Shoes 4. Topshop Black Denim Shirt 5. Zara Pleated Skirt 

Pitch and Wear

We, beautiful women, have the power of looking fabulous and being successful all at once, we are Girlbosses. Since we know how hard it is to prepare a perfect presentation to a room packed with hungry for success men and women, we though we might help you out preparing a perfect look for your next important pitch. Once your outfit is sorted, kill it!  get the look_PITCH

1. Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Glasses 2. Michael Kors Shopper Blue Bag 3.Vigneron Black Shoes 4. Victoria Beckham Suit 

Work & Travel

We get to travel for work more times that you think. Just in case you are not used to it, let us tell you, there are many ways to look chic while travelling for work. Here is a comfy but classy combination for you to consider when having to spend some time flying or travelling for work.get the look_worktravel

1. Lanvin Sunglasses 2.Guess City Bag 3. Vigneron Malve Boots 4. Zara Oversized Pink Shirt 5. Bershka Straight Leg Jeans 

Relaxed Friday

Most of the times we get to Friday tired and excited for the weekend. For them days that you are one step away from your Saturday morning Yoga class but still have to rock a Friday look at the office, here is your perfect combination.get the look_friday

1.Mary Katrantzou Silk Scarf 2. Michael Kors Black City Bag 3. Nike Internationalist Sneakers 4. Zara Cropped Jumpsuit 

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