5 Winter Wonderland Vacations That Are Even Better Than The Beach

Posted by December 15, 2014 - LIFESTYLE
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Even though we like the Christmas spirit, all the lights, snow, cold and everything that keeps us warm during the cold days like warm punch and sweets, we just can’t fight the fact that as soon as it gets cold, people start recalling the summer. Sun & beach, I need you now. Or maybe I don’t? We found 5 great places for winter vacations that will make you forget about the summer and sun instantly…Check it out…

1. Selfoss, Iceland

Just an hour from Reykjavík, in the shadow of Mount Hengill lies a place called Selfoss, which is one of more than forty active volcanoes on the island. This place is especially known for the purple dusk of polar twilight its lava and mossy heath produce. If you are person who would enjoy bath water from the geothermal hot springs and driftwood furniture, this is a place for you. It’s a unique winter wonderland experience!
Special tip for Game Of Thrones fans:  rent a snowmobile and explore the lands around Thingvellir, where Game of Thrones filmed “Beyond the Wall”.
Average temperature in winter: 32°

2. Fogo Island, Newfoundland

This unique place was once a rest stop for migratory French fisherman, and now the island culture crosses contemporary art and design with ancient English and Irish folk customs. The best way to explore this place is to strap on a pair of snowshoes and walk the ancient footpaths with the Newfounfland dogs, which you can find at the nearest hotel. A Fogo Island Inn hotel gives you plenty of possibilities to enjoy the place – the rooftop wood-fired sauna, lichen-covered rock beds, traditional Inuit techniques and berries, pine mushrooms, etc. Try this kind of vacation, you will be surprised…;)


Average temperature in winter: 25°

3. Noboribetsu, Hokkaido

Hokkaido countryside reveals more than 200 hot springs, powered by active volcanoes, and the island’s villages in which travelers seek for an outdoor steam bath in falling snow. All the paths lead to Noboribetsu, a place with nine types of water to soak in —from ferruginous red-brown to sulfurous white. A unique experience of bathing while snow is falling is amazing. The season here culminates in February, when the annual hot spring festival is held to pray for another year of plentiful bath water.


Average temperature in winter: 30°

4. Ilulissat, Greenland

Almost 20 billion tons of arctic blue icebergs float down Ilulissat Icefjord, off Greenland’s west side. Although Greenland is 80 percent covered in ice, Jakobshavn is one of the region’s last great glaciers. This great experience starts with a ride in a sailboat down the fjord where you will get the chance to see the seals and whales and then with mushing in a wooden sledge pulled by a team of sled dogs. Wrap yourself in a blanket, take a thermos of hot tea with you and look for arctic foxes, musk oxen or even a polar bears. This sure is a one of a kind vacation!


Average temperature in winter: 16°

5. Bergen, Norway

This place became a top destination after the Disney movie Frozen, with it’s ice-covered landscapes that inspired its animators. Bergen is situated on the bay of Vagen, surrounded by the Seven Mountains and an easy distance from the country’s fjords and icefalls. The most iconic one is Eidfjord, a 650-foot frozen waterfall with dripping stalactites of ice and snow. Besides the beautiful landscape, this place offers great food, like langoustine with sunchokes and hazelnuts or incredible ginger panna cotta!


Average temperature in winter: 36°