5 ways to avoid buying the wrong clothes

Posted by January 27, 2015 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE

We all have been there: Coming home from a long shopping trip, unpacking the new dress and realising that it actually doesn’t look that good as it did an hour ago. Or ordering stuff online and regretting it 5 minutes later. Quite often we still keep the pieces and tell ourselves that we will wear them at some point, that there will definitely be a perfect occasion for this dress/trousers/skirt/bag.  The truth is: Less is more! So there is no need to buy too many clothes, especially not the wrong ones. But how to avoid these unnecessary purchases? Here is how I do it:


 1. Use the “wish list” option while online shopping

All big online shops have the option ‘wish list’. This means that you can save all the items that you like there, instead of adding them straight away to the shopping bag. The wish list will be saved for later, usually for up to a month. The best thing is to leave and come back a few days later to review your choices. Believe me you will be surprised how many of these pieces you won’t desire anymore.

2. You don’t need 5 blue jeans, 7 black cardigans or 10 white t-shirts

Try to avoid buying clothes that you already have. Sounds stupid, but believe me, so many of us are getting the 5th white t-shirt saying that this one is special because of its neckline or whatever. But do you really need that many white t-shirts? Or blue jeans?  Get 1 of each in a really good quality and enjoy them for ages instead of getting 100 of them every season.

3. Who do you shop with?

Not all friends or family members are automatically good shopping accompaniment. Some of them will make you buy stuff that you actually don’ t need and therefore won’t wear. Maybe they just tell you something suits you, so you can leave the store sooner?

4. Have a clear monthly shopping budget

Make sure to have a settled shopping budget for each month. This will help you to avoid impulse purchases that you will later regret. However, if you do not use this budget for a couple of months, you can treat yourself with something bigger!

5. If the size doesn’t fit, don’t buy it.

We all have been there: You fall in love with a dress, but your size is sold out. If it’s gone, it’s gone, let it go. Don’t try to squeeze into a size to small or create a new baggy look in a size to big. If it doesn’t fit, don’t buy it.

By Broken Cookies 


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