5 Tricks For Fresh And Cool Summer Feet

Posted by June 21, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, Survival Kit, We L@VE Shoes

Flip-flops are calling! It is officially summer and we have a whole season upon us of open-toe shoes and beach destinations.

When summer arrives we are usually so excited about the vacation plans, outfits and organisation that we tend to forget about our feet-beauty. Nevertheless they are going to be exposed to the public for longer than you can think of and it is crucial to take proper care of them and make them look as pretty as possible.

Here are some easy-to-do tips and tricks for your feet to look gorgeous in those new sandals.


Dry feet tend to appear due to wearing socks and closed shoes for a long amount of time (hence, the winter), so the summer is the perfect moment to take care of them, even though this should be done all year through.

There is an unthinkable amount of foot creams out there, you should have no excuse not to have one. Once you have the cream follow this easy trick to make the most out of it.

  1. Find a pair of old socks and cut off the front in order to have the toes area open.
  2. These will be your HPSS (Heel-Protective Summer Socks)!
  3. Hydrate your feet with your chosen moisturizer.
  4. If your heels need special attention, apply extra lotion on the area too.
  5. Take your HPSS and put them on.
  6. Wear them for a whole night and check the difference the morning after!


Tennis Ball Massage

We are sure everyone has random tennis ball in their homes and that is all you need for this next trick. Once you found it, place the tennis ball on the sole of your feet and gently apply some pressure while moving it up and down the sole. This will bring a relaxed and soothed feel to your feet.

Au naturale

We know it is summer and that you love having your nails polished several times during the summer time. Sadly nail polish is not the best for our pigments, since it will dry them out and slightly change the colour of your toe nails if you do not let them breathe.

In case your toe nails have already gone a bit dark or stained, rub a lemon wedge for approximately 40-50 seconds. This will bring back the shine and slightly remove the stains.

Keep your nails healthy by going polish free every few weeks. This will allow them to breathe and recover from the polish. During your polish-free time it would be nice to apply a recovery polish that helps strengthen your nails.


Wear shoes that fit!

Some people are on their feet longer time than others, but in any case, it is vital to choose the right size and shoe shape. Shoes that rub or are too tight will cause damage to the feet, blisters or corns.

Some shoes take longer to break in than others, so it would be better not to wear them 3 days in a row if they are new. 

Teatime anybody?

Black tea contains tannins and this is a type of plant that acts as an astringent. Using tea may decrease sweating by shrinking sweat gland openings and tannins in tea may kill the bacteria that cause this sweat to become smelly.  

So here is an easy trick to stop you from taking your shoes off anywhere and anytime.

  1. Find a foot basin and add two quarts of cold water.
  2. Boil another quart of water and place several tea bags to it.
  3. Leave the tea bags for some minutes, the stronger and darker it gets, the better.
  4. Add the tea to the cold water in the basin.
  5. Soak your feet in for 30 minutes approximately and repeat the operation a few times in the week.


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