5 Trends That Should Never Have Seen The Light Again, But We End Up Loving

Posted by May 8, 2017 - How to walk in these trends, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

We have already referred back to the 90s and 00s like some type of dark times in fashion and that my friends, is not even arguable. Those trousers strangely cut, those low (sometimes too low) waist lines, colour on everything, what were we thinking? So today, despite us being totally in disagreement with this crazy comeback, we are here to inform you that the ugly trends that we look back and unintentionally put a discussed expression on our face…are back. However, let’s not panic in advance, because we are pretty sure we can pull them off with style with the help of our fashion editor. Stay tuned, here are the before and afters proofs of what we like to call the “The Big Fashion Depression Era”.


#1 Double denim fever

We have to admit; this is one of our favourite trends in a good way. We do not find this comeback as terrible as the rest. However, Britney and Justin clearly went a teeny bit too far with the whole idea of double denim. Here is the proof of how good it could actually work.


#2 Coloured Sunglasses

This is SO, SO 00s that it makes us want to cry. There could not be an uglier and most pointless accessory than this one. As far as we are concern, sunglasses were made to “stop the sun from getting into your site”, these are clearly missing the whole point. However, Selena and Bella pull them off quite smartly, we have to admit.


#3 Tracksuit

No, no, no and no. This were just bad. Paris made every girl fancy one and they were nothing but, ugly to the human eye and non classy, at all. But the Hadid siblings have come to this world hit us all in the face with these “casual” tracksuits and show us how cool they can actually look.


#4 Sling-backs Heels

These shoes were everything during the late 90s and 00s and lucky enough for every tall her out there, your dream trend is back. Heels without becoming a human giraffe. Special shout out to the designers that decided to cut down on the number of broken ankles due to the platform trend and bring back these simple short heels.


#5 Jorts

Last but clearly not least, these guys. Jorts. We have no words. Here is the proof of what a fashions disaster looked like. Nothing more to add.


Images via Pinterest