5 Fashion Trends Bloggers Are Rocking This Summer

Posted by August 12, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Trends, We L@VE Shoes

Bloggers nowadays are our maximum inspirations and influencers. They are somehow in charge of showing each new trend to the world in record time and they are very good at doing it. Social media helps a lot since it allows us to know instantly what is going on at the major fashion events and runways around the world. Fashion time lapse is too quick for us to be able to see everything and try every garment out there, this is where our very beloved fashion influencers come into court. They filter the best trends for us to be able to look stunning as soon as possible and enjoy the trends to the maximum. There are probably millions of fashion and lifestyle bloggers and some of them are exceptional in transmitting fashion-related tendencies.

Now that we are going into the last summer days of the warmest season of the year and that we still have some time to really embrace the summer trends, we thought it would be nice to recapitulate some of the latest fashion movements and going through some of our favorite bloggers to see how they are making these tendencies work in order to look stunning.


Oh how we love espadrilles! We were so excited about this trend that we wrote several articles during this summer about them. Espadrilles are a Spanish-original footwear that was used to work in the fields, hence its material and commodity. They are now available in so many different colours, shapes and designs that your summer would not be long enough to be able to try them all. You can read a bit more about the history of espadrilles here.

As you may already have read in older posts, we are total fans of platform shoes, therefore we chose a mix of the two type of shoes worn by the blogger Lovely Pepa. This Spanish blogger knows how to make these specific espadrilles work, looking very authentic and beautiful with a summer outfit.

Buffalo Black Espadrille

Klint Hat

To us this Venetian style hat shouts a clear Buongiorno principessa! in every possible way. It is a very, very feminine accessory that bloggers have decided to make one of their must-haves of this 2016 summer. This hat not only protects you from the bad sun rays, it also makes you look stunning in every way and the best of all is that it matches pretty much ANYTHING.

For this trend we had to decide within a long list of bloggers since the Klint Hat has become very popular in this last summer season. Our chosen influencer for this tendency was the girl behind the well known fashion and lifestyle blog Sincerely Jules.

Janessa Leone Ventian Style Klint Hat

Chloé Cross Over Bag

This bag has been with us already for some season since it became a must-have last year. This summer however, it is still trending and many other brands have decided to get inspired by this style of bag. A Cross over bag is a very comfortable bag style and size, it can be combined for casual looks or more serious outfits. They are now available in many different styles, designs, colours or materials. For all these reasons the trend has kept present within our summer favourites.

The San Diego based stylist and blogger rocks her chosen Chloe Cross Over Bag the best way possible. In this case the fashion artist chose a light brown bag to go with her summer inspired outfit. Have a look at how Fashioned Chic works this must-have Chloe bag.

Guess Cross Over Bag 

Denim Skirt

To whole 90s influence has made us go back to denim skirts and they are AWESOME. We (millennials of course) totally love this trend and we love the fact that it looks so cool and chic. We do have to admit it didn’t look that well in the 90s, but thanks to inspiring fashion transmitters and bloggers we have learnt how to make them work to perfection. It is now one of our favorite items in our summer closet.

This next blogger knows exactly how to make this denim skirt work and it looks smart and casual at the same time. Have a look at EJ Style‘s proposal of a 90s denim skirt look. Don’t you love it?


Levis Denim Skirt


Last but not least, Loafers is a word that has been very present in many of our latest fashion conversations and discussions. Loafers have a very professional touch that give every outfit a seriously chic feel to it. We also enjoy the fact that they have a little bit of a masculine attire.

Here is how MSTreinta wore hers in earlier seasons. She decided to go for a more professional look with a very clear masculine feel to it, but for us, it looks stunning!


Hugo Boss British Loafer


Pictures via Lovely Pepa, MsTreinta, Sincerely Jules, EJ Style,  Fashioned Chic and Pinterest.