5 Reasons To Invest In A Pantsuit Today

Posted by October 10, 2016 - Design, Fashion, How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE

Pantsuits are a thing of the 80s, when power dressing for women became THE thing. Before then, some trouser combinations had been already designed for women in the late 60s by YSL and some other fashion artists, but it was mainly about two pieces’ suits and pencil type skirts. Only when women starting growing, climbing in the working environment and more and more ladies became bosses, did the pantsuits become a thing. During the 80s power dressing was specially addressed for women (sorry guys!). Shoulder pads and trousers were every time more powerful and these allowed new Girl Bosses looking amazing, elegant and dominant.

Let’s jump back to 2016 though. As well as it became a thing during the 60s or 80s, pantsuits are also back now and we have found five reasons for you to invest in one.



Pantsuits offer a very unique elegant touch that allows you to combine it however you prefer. They can be styled in a casual way with some classic Converse sneakers and still look elegant. On the other side, a good pair of pumps could make it look very chic and delicate.



Yes, they were initially designed for men, but that doesn’t mean we (beautiful ladies) can not rock them better than men and even look girly in it. Pantsuits have a very feminine feeling and we love the ladylike inclination that your whole look gets while wearing one.



A Pantsuit is an automatic touch of professionalism. Apart from elegance and femininity, they will make you look powerful and strong at your office. They are a definite must-have in every Girl Boss´s closet.



They are a sure comfortable option. Pantsuits are much more pleasant and relaxed than any kind of uncomfortable girly skirt, tights or weirdly designed trousers. The only trick is finding a design that fits your body perfectly and voilà!



Pantsuits will accentuate your silhouette in a good way. They will make you look taller if you choose the right waist length. Make sure you look into your body shape before you get yourself one of these rocking outfits.


However; pantsuits are not only meant to be worn to work and the office, check out how these dancers rocked a pantsuit inspired flash mob in NYC some days ago. Time to get yourself a pantsuit!

pantsuit_double6 pantsuit_double7 pantsuit_double8 pantsuit_double9

Pictures via Vogue, Purewow and Pinterest