5 New Spooky Halloween Movies Coming Out Soon

Posted by October 21, 2016 - Film, LIFESTYLE
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The Trick or Treaaat night is around the corner and that means that there are many things that you should be taking care of other than our impressively scary (remember, scary. Not sexy, scary!) outfits. You should be thinking of what you are going to be doing, what sweets you will have ready hiding behind your door, what friends you would like to invite to your private scary movie night or whose party to crash later on. Our perfect plan would be as follows: invite friends over for an early scary movies night in, prepare some finger food (quite literally, ha!) and after making some kids happy by acting super scared when they shout Trick or Treaaat at you in unison (clearly rehearsed in advance) with their tiny and high-pitched voices, it is time for you to crash someone’s party all together.

That to us sounds definitely like a plan. However if you are too scared to go out during such a night, we can help you plan a perfect scary movie night in. Now, if you are planning on hosting a movies night in for this year’s night of the dead, you should consider some old classics that are just amazing to watch over and over again. Nosferatu (1922), A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) or Frankenstein (1931) probably are three of the movies to top this list. On the other side, if you are more into the modern type of movies there are five scary and creepy movies coming out this Halloween. These new movies are new productions and they are all worth a look at their trailers so you can consider whether or not you are brave enough to make it through the whole movie when at the cinema and your way back home from there.

So here are the latest Halloween movie trailers that you should consider to have a very, very spooky and scary night of the dead. Let the countdown begin fear lovers, ten days from today! 


1. Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

2. Lights Out (2016)

3. Don’t Breath (2016)

4. Boo! A Madea Halloween

5. Don’t Kill It (2016)

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