The Only 4 Holiday Staples You Need

Posted by November 29, 2014 - Fashion

With all the stress that comes with the holidays, whether you are traveling or not, its always hard to tell exactly what you’ll need for a good holiday look. But the reality is, is that it boils down to 4 simple elements: really something warm, a sweater, shoes, and something festive.

Something Really Warm

Winter wonderlands do not come without their price – the cold. The best way to combat the cold is with a warm jacket.

TopShop - Asos



Christmas and sweaters go together like bread and butter – one of the most natural combinations. Sweaters are the best for a cozy holiday.

Pull & Bear H&M



From boots to pumps, you need to have have the right shoe – after all they can make or break the outfit. A black boot will




Something Festive

It’s easy to get carried away with this category, you don’t want to overdo it and go kitsch a nice happy medium between stylish and festive is ideal, to make a cute little accent to your look.




By Notorious Mag