5 Crucial Tips On How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by January 2, 2017 - LIFESTYLE, Survival Kit, Things We L@VE

Creating a new year’s resolutions list is the easy part, the hard one is sticking to it and actually accomplishing it. However, the whole idea of a New Years resolution list is great and we cannot think of a better idea to start a new year than this. If you are one of the ones who is already panicking even though it has only been TWO days (yes, just two, so chill!) enjoying the new year, we have put together another very useful list on how to stick to your New Years resolution list that is going to be effective. Here are our personal tips on how to actually stick to what you planned for the New Year.


TIP ONE Makes the changes gradually, one at a time. Nothing is going to change overnight, so you need to have in mind that you should plan your ideal changes within a certain amount of time. Do not try to rush anything, since you will only manage to panic more. Doing things gradually is the key to a successful and completed New Years Resolution list.

TIP TWO Be realistic. Do not set a goal of loosing ten kilos in a week, because it is physically NOT POSSIBLE. Setting realistic goals will also help you achieve more things and being able to cross more thing off your list quicker. Stay real, life will be easier in every way. 

TIP THREE Visualize yourself achieving your goals and celebrating them. This is a crazy good exercise for life in general. It has been proofed by psychologists that visualizing yourself is a huge part of an achievement. So dreaming awake is a great solution. Headphones on and start imagining your future you, the way you like it.  

TIP FOUR Tell everyone about it. Support is a must. Telling friends and family is also a big part of it. They will help you out supporting you and remembering you your goals. Also, the fact of having told people will force yourself to not quit. So do not underestimate the power of support, it is totally needed in these situations. 

TIP FIVE Write down your resolutions and have them visible around your house/office. So get out your Christmas eve dirty napkin where you shyly wrote your list while no one saw you one week ago at the Christmas dinner and create a nice and remarkable list that you are proud to show others and that you will not get tired of reading over and over again. The prettier, the better.


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