The 5 Best Time-Saving Tips For Your Morning Routine

Posted by August 22, 2014 - LIFESTYLE

These are 5 easy ways to get dressed in the morning that will help you save time and look as stylish as if you took hours getting ready. All it really takes is a little fore thought and you can have a more relaxing morning and not be stuck with some crazy outfit you had to choose in about 2 minutes.

1. Check The Weather Forecast For The Week


This will give you an idea what to wear for the week, and let you know what kind of clothes you will need to prepare even if you don’t choose the actual clothes you will need to wear. It is easier to visualize what to wear.

2. Pick Out Your Outfit The Night Before


Before going to bed, just pick out an entire outfit you can wear the next day, it will give you a little extra time to sleep-in in the morning. You will also more likely chose a cute outfit the night before than frantically searching in the morning when you are already running late.

3. Keep A Clothing Diary


This means keep a log of all your best outfits! Chances are you’ve had a lot of good outfits just can’t remember how you paired things. It is a helpful tip to go through your clothing diary when you are running late because you already know exactly what looks cute together.

4. Separate Your Accessories


Keeping you accessories separated will save you the agony in the morning untangling them. If you keep your necklaces in separate places you will thank yourself later. There is nothing worse than spending half the morning untangling jewelry and then having to go jewelry less ┬ábecause you couldn’t get it.

5. Organize Your Closet


Keep some sort of rhyme or reason to it so you can easily see exactly what you have. This is a good organization tip in general that will make your life so much easier. It will save you frustration and time. Also another tip keep all your shoes neatly lined up in your closet with the ones you wear the most front and center. It will revolutionize the way you get ready.