5 Best Places To Buy Art Online

Posted by August 12, 2014 - Art, Pop Culture

As everything else in the world, art has also found it’s place on the internet. If you’re a true art lover, we highly recommend you to visit this sites and choose what to purchase for your own arty collection.  This sites not only have commercial approach, but also give visitors a possibility of acquiring art and exploring their taste. Here you can check our selection of 10 best places to purchase art online:

1. Hu2

Letters, words, everything in “word style” is covered on this Paris-based site. Here you can find everything from wall stickers and typography posters to text-focused decorative things for your home.


2. Blik

This site is so called “wall decal emporium”. From different selections, we liked the most nostalgic games themes such as Nintendo, Atari and Pacman. Check it out!


3. Etsy

You can really find everything on Etsy.com and looking for art here can be a good choice. Etsy offers great and reasonable priced arty stuff with great navigation through several categories.

4. Artspace

Artspace brings you handpicked works from new, emerging artists to quality high pieces of established artists. Great place to invest in art that could become more valuable with time!


5. Artsy

Artsy covers names like Warhol and Damien Hirst, but also some lower-priced items. It’s a place to be if you want to browse more about art and learn about the art market. It represents the biggest online international art fair where everyone can found a piece for himself from the comfort of their couch.