5 Beauty Routines That You Are Getting Totally Wrong

Posted by January 27, 2017 - Survival Kit

Beauty routines are a huge world that is many times underestimated and not carried out properly by everyone. Although it is true that there are millions of tutorials available on how to proceed with a proper night routine for instance or how to remove make up or even how to treat your skin on a daily basis, there are some little things that you probably didn’t know you were doing wrong concerning your skin care routines.

It is true that there are many things and recommendations to have in mind when speaking about our skin, but the next things we really think would make a huge difference eventually. Here are some small tips on how to proceed properly with your beauty routines. 


1. Sunscreen under Make-Up

No, no, no and just no. Say several LA based dermatologists. You might be thinking; okey, I’ll put sun protection first and then apply my usual make up so I am totally protected. HUGE ERROR. By covering your face with make up, you are also creating a film that does not let your sunscreen protection act. Good thing some awesome specialists invented coloured Sunscreen ages ago, right? Let stick to that and protect our skin properly against the sun.

2. Face Towel

Cleaning your face with a towel has never been a good idea. Removing the dirt with a towel can cause your skin to irritate due to the fibbers that are within your towel. The best idea after washing your face with lukewarm water (never warm), would be to very lightly drying it with a clean towel or even better, letting it dry by itself. The facecloth may contain unwanted stuff that can cause your skin to irritate and accentuate acne. 

3. Hydrate After Wash

This is another huge mistake that we, ladies with no time and always busy tend to skip. It is a must to hydrate your skin after washing it. Otherwise your face may dehydrate and dry. We all know dry skin does not look very pretty, so lets hydrate our face by using a nice an gentle skin lotion that helps our skin make it through the day nicely and healthy.

4. Acetone-based Nail Polish Remover

Acetone as you may already know is a very strong chemical that can eventually be dangerous for your health. However, this is not only about your health, this is about your nails. Think about what the harshness of this product may cause to your nails. Nails are strong, but they deserve good care too. Acetone dries your nails and debilitates them. Always try going for an acetone-free removal. Your nails would be very grateful.

5. Skipping A Nightly Routine

Oh dear, are you actually doing this? This is probably the worst beauty move you could ever think of doing. By sleeping with your daily make up, you are filling your pores with the cosmetics and creating a congestion. This doing does not let your skin breath properly and will result in an increase of blackheads and acne. No matter how tired you may be, always, always, remove your makeup before going to sleep.


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