4 Weekend Looks You’ll Never Want To Take Off

Posted by November 4, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

The (working) week ends today and with it our office looks until next Monday (wahoo to that!), so let’s concentrate on what is really important, shall we. The weekend. Days off allow us to relax and improvise with our looks and we love this, but we have good news for you today. We have prepared some super cozy, comfy and ultra cool outfits for you to start rocking on the weekends and for the record, that does not ONLY mean Ugg boots, trust us on this one. The weekend is the best time for some cheeky oversleeping, cheating on your broccoli with a good veggie burger with it respective sweet potato chips (ok, that literally just made us hungry!) and catching up on your Netflix latest series. However, that doesn’t mean that you should not feel great with your chosen outfits, so as we mentioned above we prepared the BEST weekend looks in town.


Popcorn and Netflix Look

This first look meets all the weekend style requirements. Cozy, warm, cool and cute. We definitely believe this is an easy look to rock and a very girly outfit that could go perfectly for a cheeky lazy Netflix session at your friends Movie Night in.


Topshop Pink Sweater / Mango Grey Trousers / Brown Ugg Boots

Walk in the Woods Look

Although the weekend is there to relax and enjoy a long cup of hot chocolate at home, it is also nice to head down to the country side and enjoy a nice walk through the woods. This look then will get you through that walk without any doubts. Some comfy stretchy jeans and a good oversized jumper will help you keeping warm through the woods.


Zara Brown Oversize Jumper / Mango High Waist Jeggins / Clarks Orinoco Hot

Urban or Die Look

For all those urban lovers out there who are not willing to leave the city by any means, let us offer you a very laid back combination mostly made of cotton. This look will definitely allow you to stay comfortable through a nice Saturday lunch at your favourite food spot in the city.


Mango Trim Sweater / H&M Cotton Black Skirt / Converse Ctas Brea

Sunday Brunch Look

Lastly but not least, this next outfit would match just p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y on a nice and sunny Sunday brunch with friends. A very French laid back look that combines coziness and elegance all at once.


Topshop Wide Sleeve Jumper / Zara Grey Skinny Jeans / Fraiche Velouleder Boots

Happy weekend everybody!

Teaser image via Pinterest