4 Most Trending Slippers At The Moment

Posted by July 27, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, Trends, We L@VE Shoes

We love summer, you love summer, everybody loves summer and we love it EVEN MORE when we get to show you the most trending slippers and sandals of the fashion world at the moment.

How is that for a Wednesday afternoon? 

As you can already see on the streets it if full of very pretty summer shoes options, our favourites though are any type of sandals with some type of platform in it, we believe it makes you look taller and somehow slender.  

We have now chosen the four most trending shoe style of this summer 2016. If you haven’t got them yet, do not worry, you still have one month to use them. Exciting right?


Classic Blue Adilettes

This is a huge throwback; we could not love it more. These were initially introduced into the markets in the 70s as sports wear, specially gym type of wear. They are now back and looking very hot and cool with pretty much any outfit.

We would wear it with a long black dress and a denim embroidered jacket on top. Perfect for a summer BBQ

Classic Blue Adilette


Two Straps Birkenstock

Birkenstock are and will be forever a classic. This summer must-have could not look more attractive in white. Again a shoe with many years of success on its back. Birkenstock offer both men and woman wear and they all look just amazing.

We would wear it with some skinny broken style jeans and a boho beach white top. Perfect for a walk by the beach during your holidays! 

Birkenstock Arizona Two Straps White


Mule Style Platform Slipper

As we mentioned before, these are by far our FAVOURITE summer shoes. Platforms give us such a perfect and feminine touch that we cannot get enough of them. These can be worn as much for beach locations as for the city. They have a very 70s thing that we just love.

We would wear it with a short loose slip dress and some layered necklaces. Perfect for some night drinks!

Gamloong Silver Slipper


Crisscross Sandals

These should simply be a basic pair in our wardrobe. They are elegant, simple and chic. Slippers in this brown tones can be worn anywhere and with everything.  We think this is a shoe to-have since it can be combined with pretty much every outfit. These we believe is our joker pair.

We would wear it with a white pair of short jeans and a classic shirt in any colour. We would add a nice Fringe style bag to it and voilà you are ready for an afternoon lunch or Sunday brunch in the city!

Hugo Boss Valenteen Crossed Straps Sandals


Picture from Thefashionguitar, Pinterest, My Showroom, Stylelovely.