4 Jackets To Fall For And Start Investing In Now

Posted by October 27, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, Germany, How to walk in these trends

So before we jump completely into the winter mood next month, we still have some days of fall freedom, meaning that we can still invest in some fall jackets to layer them with some other amazing fall garments. We strongly believe the art of layering garments is a very complex thing to do, but if you follow our recommendations, nothing can go wrong. We can only guarantee you some lovely and perfect results.

Talking of fall jackets and transitional coats, there are several styles that you should have already invested in this year, if not, NOW is the right time to do it. Here are our favorite fall coats we think you should be investing on this season before it gets too cold.


Shearling Jacket

Yes, yes and one million times yes to this jacket. By far our favourite coat of the season. This is a jacket that not only looks good on pretty much everyone, it is also cozy, cute and trendy. This is a very easy coat to use with layers in case of extreme cold fall days, since it allows you to be warm and show your outfit underneath at the same time.


Leather Jacket

Nothing like a good old classic and if we are talking about leather jackets, even better. Leather jackets come in every style and form, even colours and they are great for the fall days. They can be combined with different styles and outfits; we love how they look with a sports jumper underneath. Mixing styles and garments could be a great success, do not be afraid to experiment. At the end of the day, fashion IS ART.


Bomber Jacket

Oh the Bomber Jacket, how much have we heard about you in this past few months! The funny thing is…we just keep on loving it. This very masculine and vintage style jacket has invaded our streets this year and it is a great choice for a relaxed weekend outfit. We think it’s a definite Must-have this year.


Fur Denim Jacket

Denim Jackets are great for summer, but this style of denim jackets with fur or lining underneath are just perfect to adapt the garment into an ideal fall piece. Once again, it will be a very cozy option and a perfect touch for a Sunday brunch with friends, combined with a nice hat and a big scarf. 



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