4 Ideal Destinations And Looks For Valentine’s Day

Posted by February 8, 2017 - Austria, Germany, LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes

Valentine’s day is clearly a day to embrace the romance and the love that is sows through out the whole world, windows are now full of heart stickers and pretty stuff.  Since there are some opposed Valentine’s lovers out there, we want show you some of the best ideas and plans for a magical and love-full day like the 14 of February no matter who you spend it with. Special shout out to all the single ladies out there, this post also applies to you so keep on reading to find your best Valentine’s plan, destination and look. 

There are many different ways to spend your Valentine’s night, leaving aside the fact on whether you do have a date or not. It could be just as glamorous and beautiful spending it with friends, at the end of the day; its all about giving and loving, right? But if you are lucky enough to have it all planned and have a beautiful to spend the night with here are some perfect locations, plans and looks.


Destination ONE: Rome, Italy

Rome is the city of madness, love and passion. A city where people shout on the streets but secretly share a cheeky smile after doing it, a city of young souls and messy traffic. By far one of our favourite destinations in Europe and we can definitely call it a must-do if you and your date are young and lively, you will feel great in the streets of “Roma” (with an Italian style hand gesture). Here is your perfect outfit and plan. Viva l’amore!

Tommy Hilfiger City Bag  /  Zara Sequinned Kimono  /  Kate Gray Sneakers  /  Zara Grey Tshirt  /  Levis Red Tab Jeans

What to do? Rome is a city of energy and craziness, so go grab yourselves the biggest ice-cream in the menu, no matter how cold it is and enjoy while walking down the tiniest and prettiest streets Rome has got to offer you.

Where? Anywhere in Rome is pretty, so feel free to get lost and grabbing a pizza slice on the way. 


Destination TWO: Paris, France 

Paris on the other side, we can guarantee was specially created for the lovers and the old souls who will forever love a good glass of wine and a beautifully planned romantic dinner under the moonlight while enjoying the streets of Paris while heading towards the lights of the Tour Eiffel. If you are one of them lovers, here is what you could wear during your date out in Paris that will totally create some Uh là làs here and there.

Balmain Crepe Blazer  /  Michael Kors Cross Over Bag  /  Unisa Black Heels  /  Oxydo Sunglasses  /  Juan Carlos Obando Red Trousers

What to do? There is no escaping, once you fall into the romance of Paris. The streets will capture you and drag you into this romantic cloud that will keep you there until the sun rises. So simply head to the Tour Eiffel and enjoy a good bottle of champagne while you wait until the lights are lit and you enjoy the most beautiful postcard picture of the city.

Where? The park of the Tour Eiffel. Simply follow your instinct, you will eventually get there and notice the Tour Eiffel getting bigger and bigger the closer you get. 


Destination THREE: Vienna, Austria

If you are a Viennese type of couple, who loves the city but not the crowded ones, a couple who is likes to travel, but at the same time enjoy the city you live in, Vienna is probably your best choice. Vienna may not be very big but it sure has everything you need to enjoy a beautiful Valentines dinner next week.

Oska Nubia Jacket  /  Guess Cross Over Bag  /  Högl Pumps  /  Calvin Klein Scarf  /  Stella Maccartney Dress

What to do? On the night of the 14th, you can head down to the theatre and start warming up you muscles because you are going to have some laughs with this unique show called “First Date” at Brick, 5 in Vienna. This however, would follow after a very nice and romantic dinner a one of Viennas best restaurants in terms of city views.

Where? Your dinner would be held at Do & Co Stephanplatz – Top-floor dining room with cathedral views and the comedy show will take place at Brick 5. 


Destination FOUR: Prague, Czech Republic

Last but not least, Prague is one of our editors very favourite. Prague stands for a new city that still keeps its originality and its authenticity. Prague can be lively, romantic and peppy all in one and we are sure a nice dinner on the 14th of February in this city’s old town, would sure be different and authentic. 

 Embroidered Velvet Bomber  /  Liu Jo Cross Over  /  OMG! Sneaker  /  Latelita London Earrings  /  Mango Jumpsuit

What to do? If you are lucky enough to spend your Valentine’s date in beautiful Prague, you should definitely start of your night at one of the most beautiful restaurant in the old town, Terasa U Prince. You will absolutely love that, specially if you end your night with a night walk through the old castle and enjoy the impressive view with no tourists and cameras around you.

Where? Terasa U Prince will be located right in the middle of the old town plaza. The castle is on the other side of the city, so you will have to walk over the beautiful bridge and just follow the way up to the castle. 

Images via Mcdaniel, Time Out, Lonely Planet, Made In Italy, Flicker and Pinterest