3 Types of Flat Shoes That Are Office Approved

Posted by July 8, 2015 - Fashion, We L@VE Shoes
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Heels are great when you have a big presentation or need to look nice for a new client, but let’s be honest, they are not everyday show (as much as we wish they could be). A good flat pair of shoes are necessary for a productive day on the office, so that you aren’t focusing on those pressure points that other shoes give you.

In the hotter months it can be tough to tell what is work approved and what is simply too casual, this is a handy guide to let you know what is always work appropriate… and to tell you to keep your flip flops in your closet if you are going into the office!

1. Oxfords


This classic British shoes will instantly make you look smarter!

2. Ballerinas


Graceful and delicate these shoes add a feminine touch to any look.

3. Pointed Toe


Pointed shoes take any look and transform you into a style star. 






Pointed Toe





img: whowhatwear.com