3 Tricks To Avoid A Bad Hair Day

Posted by April 29, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE

It’s Monday, you overslept and of all days - a bad hair day. The dreaded bad hair day can strike at any moment. No matter what you do there seem to be these days where your hair just has a mind of its own (and these are usually the days you have no time to deal with them). With a few different tricks you can make these a thing of the past.

Put Dry Shampoo On Before You Go To Bed

If you have absolutely no time to wash your hair in the morning, spritz on some dry shampoo before you go to bed. Overnight it will work to absorb all the oil and lift the root without leaving the white residue that is known for coming along with the product.

To Get A Fuller Pony Tail – Use A Butterfly Clip

This will lift even the most uninspired ponytail into a beauty pageant worthy style. If you do not have a butterfly clip laying around, the look and also be accomplished with bobby pins.

Eliminate Frizz With A Toothbrush And Hairspray

To tame those fly-aways spray a bit of hairspray on a toothbrush and smooth over only those pieces that need a little extra attention instead of drowning the whole head making your hair look too crunchy.