3 Shoes Every Gentleman Should Own And 3 Shoes You Should Never Buy Again

Posted by January 26, 2016 - Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

The first thing that people usually look at in a man’s look is the shoes its the easiest way to gauge if he knows what he is doing or not. In dealing with men’s fashion – there is one rule that shines golden – when in doubt stick to the classics. It is very hard to go wrong that way, but we all like to be adventurous now and again, so here are some rules to stick by and the shoes every gentleman should own.


Don’t buy square toed shoes. This was a trend in the ’90s and we are hoping it never comes back. It cuts your foot off in all the wrong places, and leaves a very unnatural appearance.

Don’t buy overly pointy shoes. These types of shoe are for elves so leave it to them. Especial avoid a overly pointy toe if it curves up at all.

Don’t buy rubber soled dress shoes because it defeats the purpose of a dress shoe.


Do buy brogues. They are the easiest shoes you will own. They are perfect for a casual day out with jeans or a dressed up day at the office

Do buy oxfords. These are a classic for a reason, everyone should own a shined up pair of oxfords that they can pull out for special occasions.

Do buy monk strap shoes. These are the dress shoes of the season – they are bold and stylish. Perfect if you are looking for that extra edge. 




Preview image via: taftclothing.com