3 Basic Tips To Rock Ruffles

Posted by January 31, 2017 - How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE

Ruffles are typically remembered from our childhood, for no reason really. I mean, none of us can remember a bad experience with them, but they just seem to scare us a little. I would not be speaking for myself if I said that I snub from rack to rack in a shop when I spot one of this particular blouses, however; all this is about to change because not only have we got the proof of how amazing a ruffled garment can look on you, but we also have the three tips you always needed in order to wear it like a pro. YES, this is how awesome we are and YES, you only need three tips! 

Non-Traditional Materials

This could mark the difference to your outfit. The surprise factor is a winner. So if you are used to see ruffles on a blouse, why not go for a ruffled jumper? This would probably look awesome and you didn’t even know it. Do not underestimate anything in fashion, everything can work if worn smartly! (There goes our fashion-tip of the day, ha!)


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Alisha Velousleder Black Pumps  /  Adidas Original Superstar

When In Doubt, Stay Cool and Simple

This does not only apply to ruffles; this can easily work with anything. We all agree if we said that ruffles can be very ostentatious, but there is nothing that does not look good with a good pair of classic Levis jeans. This is a smart tip, whenever you are in doubt, go back to the basics, look wisely into your wardrobes essentials and grab a classic pair of jeans that allow your ruffled blouse to shine without looking like a big walking pineapple shaped sponge.


Here are some shoes to match these outfits…

Pat Calvin Loafer  /  Vigneron Heels

Skip The Decoration Factor

By this we mean not wearing any necklaces, bracelets, chunky pieces, big bags, very colourful shoes or anything that could distract the eye from your ruffles. If you are going to use ruffles, you should own them, you don’t need to hide them with anything. Rock those ruffles like you had designed them yourself and you will look like a total stylish-pro who was born for fashion. 


Here are some shoes to match these outfits…


Kate Grey Denim Heels  /  Högl Satin Pumps

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