The 2016 Christmas Gifts Guide

Posted by December 2, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE

Its December already, Christmas is officially around the corner and the gifts and presents list should soon be getting longer and longer and we get closer to Christmas day. Getting Christmas presents can be very heavy going in many occasions, specially when bought at last minute. So why not getting ready for it in advance? There are many gifts that you are probably not thinking of and could solve some of your doubts. We actually think there should be a masters on “Gifts for the family in Christmas”. There are so many things to have in mind and there is so much going on at the shops that our mind is filled up with too much information, but do not worry a bit, we have a great list of ideas of gifts for your whole family members.

Our recommendation would be to first of all, separate the gifts, from the details and smaller presents. Within the small gifts and details, are all those unknown guests or distant relatives that you really only get to see once a year. For this bunch we would suggest gifts like, silver jewellery, candles sets, flowers or plants or small accessories. On the other hand, we have the closest family members, like mum, dad, sister or brother and grandparents. For them we totally recommend going for bigger and slightly more thorough presents. Gifts like bags, things they will be using daily or clothes could go perfectly.

We have selected a range of different ideas for Christmas presents that you should totally consider while going through the gifts list this year. Happy presents buying season everybody! 

A classy 2017 Anthropologie Agenda for Dad / A set of Lazzarini Gloves and Hat for Mum / A cool pair of Anthropology headphones for your brother / A Lena Hoschek phone cover for a friend / A set of Lazzarini pouche for an unknown guest / A classic Pat Calvin wallet for Grandad / A beautiful Michael Kors cross over bag for your sister / A cute thermal Mug for a distant relative / A guide of cocktails for your Boyfriend / A cute pair of Tofee slippers for Grandma / A classy Lazzarini winter hat for your friend / A set of relaxing bath salts for your girlfriend

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