6 signs you’ve been staying in Italy too long

Posted by October 20, 2014 - LIFESTYLE

Whoever loves to travel and to experience different cultures can probably agree with me: Italy, among other European hotspots, is a fascinating country. From the legendary historical buildings to the hand gestures whose meaning is actually unknown to many, there are so many reasons why you should pay a visit to the Belpaese and get accustomed to the local culture and style.

I sometimes let my imagination run wild and image spending more than a few vacation days over there – what an experience it must be to spend some time in Florence, Venice or Rome, surrounded by culture, pasta, pizza and incredible style.

But what makes this country so charming? Could we really get completely accustomed to the bella vita? I made some research myself.

Pasta e basta


If you have never cooked pasta with an Italian, there is something you have to know in advance: they won’t let you do it. Even if it’s simple enough, cooking pasta is an art that make Italians very proud. It’s hard to find one who can’t make it to perfection. Also very important: do not ever suggest to put pasta in the same plate as salad or a steak.

Being late

The stereotype is real: buses, trains and especially people are very often late. What seems to be promoted is a chilled way of life, and since everyone is late, nobody will complain about it, or almost.

Bitter coffee


So many people who call themselves coffee lovers happen to have serious problems with something called espresso. This shot of bitter coffee can be hard to love – but once you love it, you will never be the same again: say goodbye to your big morning mug.

Lack of English skills

One thing that can be very hard at the beginning of your Italian journey could be one of the basic needs: communication. Unluckily, Italians don’t seem to respond very well to foreign languages. After a few weeks, it’s very likely you will at least know some basic Italian – at least enough to order something that is not pizza at the restaurant.

Hand gestures


Everybody tries to imitate it, but hardly anyone knows how these gestures actually work. What you need to know is how useful they actually are – have you ever tired to communicate with someone in a very crowded and noisy place? The art of gestures will show you how, and much more. Just take a real Italian as teacher and distrust internet lessons.

Style and fashion

milan fashion

Last but not least, the reason why I love Italy the most: style! Just walking around the crowded streets of Milan will show you what I mean: great street style and renowned brands all in one place. Beautiful!

photo courtesy: Google images

By Notorious Mag