17 Of The Most Beautiful Steps Around The World

Posted by September 29, 2014 - Design

We love street art,  it’s amazing how those guys always find new ways to use public spaces and convert them into beautiful art. Those pictures are from stairs all over the world, which were used as a canvas to transform ordinary places into poetry.  Really cool… it’s much better to have a look on them from a distance, to get the whole picture.  Not all stairs were created by artists, some of them are fruit of ordinary people’s work; neighbours, groups from the community, children, just normal people who want to have a beautiful environment to live. The mosaic steps in San Francisco, for example, were created by more than 300 locals  under the guidance of a couple of artists. Literally a lesson on how to make your life better,  step by step.

1. 16th Avenue Tiled Steps, San Francisco

Image credits: yellofish.tumblr.com

Image credits: Jordan Wong

2. Valparaíso, Chile

Image credits: Jean-BaptisteYunis

3.  Philadelphia Museum of Art

Image credits: rleigh

4. Valparaíso, Chile

Image credits: oueduabroad.wordpress.com

5. Seoul, South Korea

Image credits: Kevin Lowry

6. Wuppertal, Germany

Image credits: frizztext

7. Sicily, Italy

Image credits: Andrea Annaloro

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Image credits: jr-art.net

9. Beirut, Lebanon

Image credits: Jubran E. Elias

10. Stairs to the musical theater in Seoul, South Korea

Image credits: Kimhwan SEOULIST

11. Stairs of Peace in Syria

Image credits: Jood Voluntary Team

12. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Image credits: justin-travels.com

13. Angers, France

Image credits: Mademoiselle Maurice

14. Istanbul, Turkey

Image credits: DHA

15. Morlaix, France

Image credits: ZAG

16. Tehran, Iran

Image credits: farsizaban.tumblr.com (thank you Lijne Kreupeling for the suggestion!)

17. Beirut, Lebanon