10 Reasons Why NOW Is The Best Beauty Season

Posted by November 29, 2016 - LIFESTYLE
beauty season

It is usually said, that summer is THE time when it comes to hair, skin, nails and all the other beauty related topics. In fact, the opposite is the case! Sun and heat are not the best influences for your body – or at least not in beauty belongings. Let us give you 10 convincing reasons, why the best beauty season is just now. Believe us, you will start falling in love with winter all over again!

10 Facts That Proof That Winter Is THE Beauty Season

  1. You don’t need to worry about you Bikini body. This inconsiderable extra pounds can easily be hidden under your cozy knitted jumper.

  2. Because of the cold outside you spend more time at home, which means long beauty evenings with face masks, footbaths and manicures!

  3. Winter is the time for soul food! Big soup pots, stews and of course the seasonal sweets are on the menu. Feeling happy from the inside and glow on the outside!

  4. Cold, clear air helps for a better, deeper sleep. It’s worth opening the bedroom windows for some minutes before you hole up in you bed.

  5. Heat causes stress to the hair – it’s more assailable and dry and split ends can occur very easily. The cold on the other side, is a true blessing for your thatch. It stays smooth, soft and it doesn’t tend to frizz.

  6. Sun is less intense in winter (and the amount we get of it is very limited), what has a relaxing effect on the skin. Also: aristocratic pallor ;) 

  7. No more bad hair days! If your head is having a rough time, just put on a beanie!

  8. While in the heat, make up tends to literally melt away, you won’t have this problem in winter. Everything stays exactly were it belongs to.

  9. Your complexion might be pale but the cold, fresh air causes rosy, healthy looking cheeks. You can skip out on blusher.

  10. The skin IS drier in winter, there is no doubt about that. This dryness has nevertheless also it’s advantages: less spots, blackheads and impurities! 


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