10 Items You Need In Your Wardrobe When It’s Ice Age Outside

Posted by January 26, 2017 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Trends

While Paris is saying goodbye to the chicest looks of the Haute Couture world, we mortals are trying to survive the ice age season that the earth has decided to throw on us this winter, in the coolest way possible. We get it, it is winter and you are supposed to feel the chilly days and some bits and pieces of snow, but seriously now earth, we had enough already. You can start rotating very smoothly and awarding us with some pretty spring colours and late sunsets, that would actually be very nice of you.

So since we are not quite sure if Mama Earth is actually reading this, we thought we might collect the coolest items to survive the winter (or like we like to call it, THE ICEAGE – We just love dramatizing). We went for some very basic pieces; more specifically, items that we think should be part of your basic winter wardrobe. Within our choices are some very classy shoes and boots and some very easy-going casual bits that will help you go through the winter in the most casual and cool way.

It is important to remember that even though it is winter and that our toes and finger freeze every time we stick our noses out the door, we should always look cool and chic. Freezing temperatures are no excuse to look rough or uncool. There are plenty of awesome shoes at Humanic to upgrade any of your cozy-warm-casual winter looks. So as we promised; here are the TEN fashion pieces that will help you survive the European Ice Age (a.k.a winter), in the coolest and most in vogue way possible. You can thank us later!

Tom Tailor High Heel Boot

Luisa Via Roma Pink Hat

Funky Shoes Boots

Acne Studio Black Coat 

Fraiche Nubukleder Boots

Design House Stockholm Scarf

Vigneron Black Booties

Therapy Woodland Scene Sock

Ugg Mini Bailey Bow

New Look Turtleneck Jumper

Teaser Image via Teastories