10 Convincing Reasons To Wear High Heels More Often in 2016

Posted by January 8, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

It is a love-hate relationship: us and our High Heels. On the one side they are beautiful and upgrade every look, even just looking at them makes our hearts beat faster. On the other side they are not always easy to walk in, they hurt, harm the back and are uncomfortable. But let’s focus on the positive aspects. 2016 will definitely be the year of High Heels (as we decided for us).

Here are the 10 reasons why we should put on our Heels more often:

1. They are THE symbol of female confidence. The walk and posture seem to be more upright what provides you with extra consciousness. 

2. They come in handy when you try to reach the cookies on top of the supermarket shelf. 

3. They do not only adorn the feet, but also the closet. A beautiful pair of Heels exposed on a shoe rack can be a decorative element at home. 

4. They make slimmer. By optically stretching the legs and the silhouette. 

5. Nothing is more suitable for self-defense than a pointed heel. But make sure you to hit the bull’s eye at your first try because running can get quite challenging. 

6. A fresh box of High Heels will most certainly make you more happy than Birkenstocks

7. They train your legs and your butt muscles – as we can tell every time after dancing all night long. 

9. They are true door openers. As a study proofed, that men are rather ready to help women in High Heels than girls in flats. 

8. They push the career. Small women often have the feeling of not being at eye level with somebody (literally and figurative). High Heels help out with some centimeters, which also helps for salary negotiations.

10. Last, but not least, High Heels pimp every outfit. You want to look dressed up without actually doing so? Put this eye-catching heels on and even your baggy pants make a great performance. 

And if you stick to your New Year’s Resolution of doing more sports your physical posture and back muscles will improve and compensate the negative effects of wearing High Heels ;)


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 picture via Stylight.de