1 coat – 2 looks

Posted by August 11, 2014 - LIFESTYLE, Trends

When we buy clothes we often try to separate them into everyday wear, evening wear or special occasion wear. When I buy my clothes I usually try to think about a few options at the same time. How can I make the most out of the piece that I am getting? Today I want to show you one of my most loved items from my wardrobe: a beautiful black and white checked coat by Topshop Unique. It’s a size too big, which didn’t stop me from buying it, as I kind of like this boyfriend look on me. Also this extra bits of fabric around my body give me the possibility to create new looks, to play with the coat and give it a new style. Like that I am able to wear the coat in an elegant way with heels but also in a casual way with flat boots. See for yourself.

Look 1:

article 5_broken cookies_1

Here I am wearing the coat as a dress, the sleeves turned up and one side of the hem kept longer than the other. A thin leather belt helps to hold the whole drape in shape. Clutch and shoes are both in a metallic colour, like that the coat still gets the most attention. I chose heels for this look, as they give my whole body a different posture: I feel more elegant, so I move more elegant. A dark shade of red for my lips, sleek hair and the look is complete.

Look 2:

article 5_broken cookies_2

For this look I chose to wear all black with little white details underneath the coat. The print of the coat is quite intense, so there is no need to exaggerate with crazy colours. The shoe choice is comfortable: flat white chunky boots that stretch the whole silhouette, as they make my feet seem bigger than they actually are. A little clutch, bright orange lips and natural wavy hear make the look more special.

By Broken Cookies